Natrix relies on TGW know-how for energy-efficient sorter solution.
14. April 2022

TGW Natrix sorter: powerful, energy-efficient, flexible

  • Intralogistics specialist TGW has optimised the shoe sorter system: 6,000 to 15,000 load carriers per hour 
  • Suitable for cartons, totes, trays and paper bags 
  • Intelligent control system algorithms ensure maximum availability
  • Focus on high flexibility and energy-efficiency

(Marchtrenk, 13 April 2022) The TGW Logistics Group has developed a powerful, energy-efficient sorter solution suitable for a wide variety of uses and industries. The Natrix shoe sorter represents the central building block and offers three capacity levels; the modular design makes it possible to tailor solutions to any given client's needs. 

Up to 15,000 load carriers per hour

The Natrix shoe sorter family with its sliding elements (shoes) is an important building block in TGW's systems and solutions and is employed in hundreds of customers' facilities around the world. The TGW experts channelled their 25 years of experience into the design of the new model with parallel slide technology. The central requirement was that the high-performance system be energy efficient and offer the highest possible degree of flexibility.

The output, length, discharge angle and load determine the design of a sorter. Due to the variety of models (including 22-degree or 30-degree out-feed transfer, parallel or conventional slide technology), the Natrix module fits perfectly into TGW's overall concept and can be divided into three levels:

  • Up to 15,000 load carriers per hour: if output is very high, the parallel slide technology is employed and loads are merged in front of the sorter by means of a so-called sawtooth merge.

  • Up to 10,000 load carriers per hour: this variant combines conventional slide technology with a sawtooth merge.

  • Up to 6,000 load carriers per hour: for low performance requirements, a so-called Channelizer or 3:1 merge is employed. This means that two supply lines as well as the sorter overflow are all merged together. 

In order to achieve the necessary throughput rates and enable fast delivery, transportation of the load carriers is precise and performance is automatically adjusted according to the throughput data. Intelligent algorithms provide the basis for the control system and automatically intervene before malfunctions can occur. On top of that, the subsystems used are highly integrated. The smart control system and high quality requirements for the hardware and software make it possible to minimise outfeed errors. 

Maximum availability and flexibility

Another focal point of the deliberations was the topic of flexibility. "Change as your business changes,“ is the credo. For example, users can employ different kinds of load carriers: cartons, totes, trays and paper bags are all options. The dimensions and maximum weight can also vary.

The Natrix sorter was developed for TGW's core industries of fashion, grocery and industrial & consumer goods, and can be used in omni-channel models, e-commerce and the supplying of shops.

Spotlight on: energy efficiency

An intelligent algorithm regulates the speed, thus playing an important role in the Natrix sorter's energy efficiency. When demand is low, the system consumes less energy. The control system only turns it up to full capacity when necessary. The incorporation of energy-saving components also contributes to the green overall concept. This is not only easier on the environment but also on the company's accounts. The use of high-quality components reduces maintenance costs and extends intervals. This contributes significantly to a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

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TGW Natrix sorter: powerful, energy-efficient, flexible
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Natrix Sorter

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