25. October 2023

TGW Spain celebrates its 20th anniversary

  • Notable companies such as Ahorramas, HiperDino, Mango and Mayoral rely on the unit's expertise
  • The portfolio encompasses planning and realisation of highly-automated logistics centres as well as their support during live operation
  • TGW Ibérica Sistemas Logísticos is headquartered in Barcelona and employs over 150 people

(Marchtrenk, Austria, 25 October 2023) The end of October will mark TGW Spain's 20th anniversary. Mere months after it was founded in 2003, the unit had already landed its first order from one of the country's leading grocery retailers. Today, successful projects, satisfied customers and sustainable development have established TGW Ibérica Sistemas Logísticos as a strong partner for the planning and realisation of highly-automated logistics centres.

Having representation on the important Spanish market through our own local unit - and thus having proximity to our customers - was a central factor in the founding of the unit. There are more than 150 specialists currently working for TGW Ibérica Sistemas Logísticos in various capacities.

Market with great potential

"Spain is among the largest and highest-performing national economies in the world. The demand for partially and fully-automated intralogistics solutions is correspondingly high, the potential great," emphasises Albert Vidal, Chief Executive Officer of TGW South Europe. "Our specialists plan future-fit systems for the local market and handle their realisation; within the framework of Lifetime Services, they also ensure that the systems run reliably and at optimal performance. The close collaboration with our headquarters in Austria and with the European TGW units plays an important role in our successful development."

Renowned customers

An ever-growing number of companies are relying on the competence and experience of the Spanish unit. Customers range from big players active on an international scale to medium-sized companies; some examples include the fashion giant Mango, the children's clothing producer Mayoral and the grocery retailers Ahorramas and HiperDino. Focus lies on the sectors of textiles, groceries and industrial and consumer goods.

Press release

TGW Spain celebrates its 20th anniversary
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Albert Vidal

Chief Executive Officer TGW South Europe
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