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21. May 2024

Optimizing warehouse automation for Sustainable Growth: A Case Study of Coop Genossenschaft

Coop, a leading Swiss retailer, has invested in a state-of-the-art logistics center in Schafisheim to enhance supply chain efficiency and sustainability. The facility integrates multiple distribution centers, leveraging automation to reduce CO2 emissions. This commitment aligns with Coop's goal "Net zero emissions" (Coop's Climate Strategy 2050).

Domenico Repetto, Director Logistics at COOP.

Starke Partnerschaft

Domenico Repetto, Director of Logistics
Daniel Hintermann - Director Logistics - COOP


Daniel Hintermann, Logistics Director

Experience how Coop achieves secure growth

The implementation of advanced automation not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances workplace ergonomics, particularly in chilled and frozen environments. By optimizing energy consumption and implementing robotics, Coop minimizes operating costs while maintaining high-quality standards.

Partnering with TGW, Coop benefits from a comprehensive lifetime services package, ensuring the ongoing reliability and performance of their complex intralogistics system. This strategic collaboration reflects Coop's dedication to delivering exceptional service to its customers while prioritizing sustainability.

Experience how Coop achieves secure growth in an uncertain environment.
Find out more about how we optimized Coop’s warehouse automation here:

Highly automated distribution centre.


Fulfilment solution for frozen goods.

Fulfilment solution for frozen goods

Fulfilment solutions for refrigerated goods.

Fulfilment solutions for refrigerated goods

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