11. March 2024

TGW Logistics is revolutionising order fulfilment with LivePick

  • Easy scalability and high flexibility as central advantages of the innovative order fulfillment system
  • Thanks to its modular conception, implementation of the system only requires six to twelve months from contract signature to go-live
  • Reliability at an order fulfillment level with a seamlessly integrated solution provided by TGW Logistics
  • The TGW innovation shines in both e-commerce and classic retail

(Marchtrenk, Austria, 11 March 2024) The intralogistics specialist TGW Logistics has developed an innovative system that will revolutionise order fulfilment. LivePick consists of a smart storage system with robots to handle storage and retrieval. Mobile robots then bring the order cartons to ergonomic 1:1 picking workstations. Central advantage: the scale of LivePick can be adjusted extremely quickly in small steps and adapted to changing basic conditions and any order profile; on top of that, it boasts a short lead time of just six to twelve months.

The importance of adaptability is on the rise, not least in intralogistics. Companies are compelled to offer their customers a high level of service and short delivery times. At the same time, consumer behaviour is becoming more and more unpredictable, and it is barely possible to reliably anticipate the rapid changes in online and retail order proportions. This is an enormous challenge that has caused those in charge of supply chains many a sleepless night. LivePick is the smart answer to this new landscape, fostering an attitude of "stop just picking, start fulfilling orders."

Scalable order fulfillment

LivePick has a highly modular structure and consists of a source as well as a target area, independent from each other, which in turn are divided into individual modules. In the source area, robots handle storage and retrieval in an innovative storage system. Mobile robots then transport the order cartons to ergonomic 1:1 picking workstations. This combination enables highly flexible order fulfillment in daily operation. With 50 years of experience as a systems integrator, TGW Logistics has full understanding of both source and target side to make sure that LivePick is tailored to specific customer orders, no matter what the order profile is today or in the future.

Only six to twelve months before go-live

Central advantage: easy scalability. All of the modules can be expanded without any fuss and made to fit individual customer needs or business development. This expansion can be done in short times and without disrupting operation of the system. Expanding the rack in the source area can increase storage capacity, while additional robots can boost performance. The number of orders in need of processing has skyrocketed? There's a smart, quick answer: more mobile robots.

Realisation only spans six to twelve months from contract signature to go-live. The plug-and-play approach not only ensures a short realisation period but also keeps the effort and expense of commissioning to a minimum.

Ideal for varying distribution channels and order sizes

"LivePick sets new standards when it comes to flexibility. The system is ideally suited for varying distribution channels and order sizes, regardless of whether e-commerce or retail," says Christoph Wolkerstorfer, Chief Technology Officer at TGW Logistics. "With LivePick, companies can react quickly to changes in ordering behaviour or business development."

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TGW Logistics is revolutionising order fulfilment with LivePick
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