FlashPick is the smart piece picking system for retail and omni-channel

FlashPick® - TGW’s Smart Piece Picking System

Products, distribution channels and order structures tend to change quickly these days. Regardless of how your business changes, FlashPick® flexibly scales and adjusts to ensure maximum performance.  

FlashPick® is the smart, one-stop solution for automated split case picking. Its innovative software manages the system’s high-performance TGW components, creating efficient handling that adapts to current and future challenges.

By taking an innovative, single order management approach, FlashPick® sets new standards for fulfillment speed and flexibility:

  • Faster lead times enable earlier delivery and/or later order acceptance
  • Accommodates any combination of small and large orders 
  • Ideal for businesses that experience frequent changes in stock-keeping units (SKUs) and/or product lines

Order by Order Fulfilment

FlashPick® Order-by-Order Fulfillment: Fast and flexible

Its focus on handling single orders sets FlashPick® apart from other systems. The system leverages both warehouse automation and order picking strategies and 

processes and applies the one-stop principle to handle incoming orders. This order-by-order methodology yields the shortest lead times and the highest employee efficiencies.

Your benefits


  • Innovative management and fast processing ensure the shortest lead times, resulting in later order acceptance and/or earlier delivery
  • Instant prioritization of express orders at any time
  • Innovative management and fast processing ensure the shortest lead times, resulting in later order acceptance and/or earlier delivery
  • Instant prioritization of express orders at any time


  • Ideal for omni-channel fulfillment to both stores and e-commerce customers
  • Small and large orders can be combined
  • Large range of product sizes and types can be handled
  • Easy accommodation of changes in product ranges or order profiles
  • Flexible layout configurations optimize available space and permit expansion during operation

Smart module construction delivers peak performance and high profitability

FlashPick® is characterized by low operating costs and a fast return on investment (ROI)—often in two to five years (depending on location and country). This is due to its integration and deployment of TGW’s proven, high-performance modular technologies, such as: 

TGW PickCenter ONE, MULTI or ROVOLUTION – ergonomic or fully automated

These high-performance picking workstations support high throughput capacities while optimizing worker ergonomics. Read more ...

TGW Stingray Shuttle – fast and compact

The Stingray shuttle module, capable of operating at heights up to 82 feet (25 meters), delivers the shortest lead times and enables an extremely high storage density with the tightest possible distances between the stored goods to maximize storage volume in a small footprint. Read more ...

TGW KingDrive® – energy-efficient and low in maintenance 
TGW’s high-speed conveyor systems adapt to unique facility requirements and can be expanded and adapted with modular drive rollers as needs change. Reliable, the conveyors handle plastic totes and cartons weighing up to 110 pounds (50 kilograms). Read more ...

TGW Software Suite – managing, controlling, optimising 
The TGW Software Suite organizes automated warehouses, keeps track of stock, controls movement of all goods, optimizes material flow, picks and dispatches goods, and allows managers to monitor end-to-end system status. Read more...


Depending on available space and operational requirements, FlashPick® can be configured laterally or frontally to meet your current and future material handling needs. Its smart basic construction with TGW modules enables virtually unlimited expansion and performance increases during operation, at any time post-installation. The combination of a smart picking system, warehouse automation with shuttles, intelligent conveyors and comprehensive logistics software enables you to optimize your omni-channel fulfillment operations now and into the future.

The options for FlashPick® expansion are virtually unlimited.