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Software solutions and services are critical competitive factors. With this background, our experts have been there for you for 25 years, providing expert advice, innovative software solutions and a strong service team, day after day. Our integrated IT solutions (TGW Warehouse Software, SAP Solutions and Digital Products & Services) control all your fulfillment processes and ensure ongoing operation of your supply chain. 500 customers with 25,000 users worldwide already rely on these solutions.


Our comprehensive range of services, consisting of the TGW Warehouse Software developed in-house, SAP Solutions and Digital Services & Products, helps you to plan, control and monitor your fulfillment processes. Other add-ons make your everyday work easier and increase efficiency.

We provide you with advice from the beginning, handle the implementation and continue to support you even after commissioning.

TGW offers a strong link for your warehouse management software.

TGW ­Warehouse ­Software

TGW offers an optimized logistics process with SAP.

SAP EWM solutions

TGW Connected Warehouse Platform enriches data from TGW's own components with those of third-party suppliers.

Digital ­Products & ­Services

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