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Mobile Robotics (QUBA): TGW is turning a new way.

Mobile Robotics: TGW is turning a new page

  • With "Quba", the warehouse automation specialist presents a comprehensive range of mobile robots for the autonomous transport of totes, cartons, and pallets
  • Strategic partnership and close collaboration of AGV specialist SAFELOG and TGW
  • Mobile TGW robots already in use at Engelbert Strauss and Thermoplan

21. November 2022

Remote Services: So far, yet so close

  • Remote Services are gaining importance for proactive problem solving in highly automated systems
  • Remote access to IT systems ensures maximum availability
  • Security scanning offers protection from hacker attacks

8. November 2022
Retrofitkonzept für Gewürzspezialisten Almi

Perfect retrofit recipe for Almi

  • TGW updated the seasoning specialist's warehouse during ongoing operation
  • Thanks to hardware and software updates, energy savings of up to 20 percent are possible
  • Project ensures long-term system availability

27. September 2022
Temperaturgeführtes Tiefkühl-Palettenlager für schwedischen Lebensmittelhändler ICA.

TGW's expertise in freezer applications gives Swedish grocery retailer a boost

  • Temperature-controlled warehouse ensures optimal product quality along the supply chain
  • Fully or partially automated compilation of orders onto shop-specific roll cages
  • Increased operational efficiency

8. September 2022
Quick Commerce: Die Zahle der Spezialisten für online bestellte und schnell gelieferte Lebensmittel steigt rasant.

Quick commerce: Quick? Yes! Profitable? No!

  • High potential attracts investors and entrepreneurs alike
  • Experts predict a wave of consolidation and changing business models
  • Automation as a key to profitability

30. August 2022
TGW eröffnet Standort in Südkorea.

TGW opens location in South Korea

  • Focus turned towards Asian growth market with unit in Seoul
  • TGW is working closely together with one of the country's leading systems integrators
  • Highly automated solutions for the fashion, grocery, industrial and consumer goods industries

27. July 2022
In Oberhausen entsteht neues Fulfillment Center für Picnic.

eGrocery specialist Picnic counts on TGW once again

  • New joint project only months after realizing the first fully automated fulfillment center
  • Project in Oberhausen will be the largest eGrocery fulfillment center in Germany
  • TGW robots will automatically load the transport roll carts for delivery vehicles

13. July 2022
Hochautomatisiertes System für führenden europäischen Hersteller von Fleisch und Convenience-Produkten.

The Bell Food Group entrusts TGW

  • Highly automated system for Europe's leading meat producer and manufacturer of convenience products
  • 42 PickCenter One workstations will handle labeling and picking on an as-needed basis
  • TGW software expertise: SAP EWM will plan, monitor, and control all processes

5. July 2022
The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® awards TGW Logistics Group’s North American branch.

TGW named West Michigan Best and Brightest winner for 2022

  • Recognition achieved in the first year of eligibility for award
  • Employees’ understanding of and personal connection to values as one key factor
  • Automated warehouse systems integrator looking to grow its team and culture

24. June 2022
Vier-gassiges Shuttle-Lager bildet leistungsstarkes Herzstück bei Jasco.

TGW expertise gives a boost to home electronics specialist Jasco

  • Highly automated system increases productivity and improves ergonomics for employees
  • Four-aisle shuttle warehouse as the centerpiece of order fulfillment
  • TGW Lifetime Services maintains the system during operation

14. June 2022
Press images

TGW Evolution Park

The headquarters of TGW Logistics Group in Marchtrenk (AT).

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Lifetime Services

TGW Lifetime Services: for highest system availability.

JPG | 278.59 kB

TGW Warehouse Software

TGW's IT solution for planning, monitoring and optimising fulfilment processes.

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Innovative micro-fulfillment concept for grocers.

JPG | 259.33 kB


Zero-touch pocket sorter system.

JPG | 269.15 kB


Smart goods-to-person (GTP) order fulfillment system for single items.

JPG | 396.46 kB
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