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TGW Appoints Nathan A. Wolf as Vice President of Sales for North America

  • Nathan A. Wolf responsible for all Sales activities
  • Strengthening TGW’s position as “Partner of Choice”
  • Extensive management experience and industry knowledge

20. September 2021

Joel Garbutt is the new CSO of TGW Northern Europe

  • The sales specialist brings with him more than 20 years of industry experience. 
  • As CSO, Joel Garbutt will be responsible for the areas of Solutions Design, Applications Engineering, Process Consulting & Software Design, Business Development and Marketing & Communications.

13. September 2021

"Warehouse automation is particularly valuable in freezer logistics"

  • Labour shortage boosts demand
  • Companies placing increased value on sustainability and energy savings
  • Up to two-thirds reduction in energy possible

31. August 2021

100 Holiday Interns Gain Professional Experience at TGW

  • Summer jobs offer a glimpse behind the scenes of an international technology company
  • Education and training play a central role at TGW
  • Wide range of assignments: from mechatronic product development to project realisation and software development to production and assembly

18. August 2021

Holiday childcare at TGW

  • During the nine weeks of the holidays, the "TGW Kids" take over the Marchtrenk technology company's headquarters.
  • Childcare during the entire summer for more than 70 children
  • Another step towards balancing work and family: "Focusing on People – Learning and Growing"

22. July 2021

Dominic Crimp is the new COO at TGW Hub Northern Europe

  • An IT specialist who brings many years of professional and industry experience to the table
  • Within the Northern European Hub, Dominic Crimp is responsible for Project Management, Engineering, On-Site Services, Controls, IT and Health & Safety.

30. June 2021

Retrofit: Looking at the big picture

  • Success factors in retrofit projects
  • Companies placing increased value on sustainability and saving energy
  • Step-by-step approach becoming more popular than big bang approach
  • Interview with Markus Kammerhofer, Head of Retrofit Sales

10. June 2021

KingDrive® accelerates medical products

  • Energy-efficient TGW conveyor system for transporting cartons, trays and polybags
  • Expansion as basis for future growth
  • Lifetime Services: Maintenance and spare parts package for maximum availability

25. May 2021

Spring cleaning: 200 TGW employees teaming up to collect litter

  • TGW employees and their families participate in the "Hui statt Pfui" outdoor clean-up campaign ("Hui statt Pfui" is a colloquial German phrase roughly referring to beautification)
  • Spring cleaning in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, the U.S. and the U.K.
  • TGW supports commitment to the community

21. May 2021

Levi Strauss & Co. appoints TGW to design and implement Omni-Channel DC

  • US-based Levi Strauss & Co. is building one of Europe's largest logistics hubs in the Münsterland region, Germany. 
  • The innovative distribution center has an output of up to 55 million units per year.
  • Flexible omni-channel operations based on goods-to-person order fulfilment system ‘FlashPick®’. 
  • TGW Warehouse Software plans, monitors and optimizes processes.

10. May 2021
Press images

TGW Evolution Park

The headquarters of TGW Logistics Group in Marchtrenk (AT).

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Lifetime Services

TGW Lifetime Services: for highest system availability.

JPG | 278.59 kB

TGW Warehouse Software

TGW's IT solution for planning, monitoring and optimising fulfilment processes.

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Innovative micro-fulfillment concept for grocers.

JPG | 259.33 kB


Zero-touch pocket sorter system.

JPG | 269.15 kB


Smart goods-to-person (GTP) order fulfillment system for single items.

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