Strategic position: Market Harborough

by Daniela Nowak - Marketing Specialist


During the past three months, I found out that the TGW office in Market Harborough does not only have a strategic location for our logistics projects. It has a fantastic location for travelling the UK! During my weekends in England, I try to see as much as I can … and to be honest, it doesn’t take me very long to arrive at the most beautiful places on the island. Sometimes I like to be spontaneous regarding my travels and this is exactly what I am doing from week to week.

While being in England, you just have to visit one of the little cities with their historic centres and wonderful old buildings. Stamford was one of my first destinations and it took me just 45 minutes by car to reach it. “The finest stone town in England” felt like travelling back in time. The honey-coloured limestone buildings embrace their visitors and make them feel the history in every brick they see. On my way back home, I stopped at the Rutland Water Reservoir just to witness a wedding at the beautiful Normanton Church which looks like it’s floating on the water.



As a former university student of English studies, I was happy to visit the city of Cambridge with its great number of universities and famous poets and writers in their past lectures. It was interesting to find out about the rivalry between the various universities, that one of them does not have a clock on their tower just because they weren’t the first ones to finish the building site and that Sir Isaac Newton did not construct the wooden bridge called “Mathematical Bridge” at Queen’s College (it was constructed 22 years after his death).



On a rainy Sunday I decided to quickly walk to the Market Harborough train station to catch the train to London. After drying myself up in the British Museum to see a great number of the world’s treasures, I found the city cleaned up by the rain with rays of sun meeting Big Ben and the other wonderful sights of the capital. After an hour on the train, I was back in Market Harborough.



One of my weekend trips brought me to the South Coast of England. Bournemouth and Brighton are nice cities at the seaside including wonderful bits of landscape. The chalk cliffs at Swanage with Old Harry Rocks and the Seven Sisters at the Sussex Heritage Coast presented me with the giants of the past. With my shoes dyed white from the chalk stones, I visited Stonehenge to experience the mystery of the prehistoric monument.



Booking a flight on a Wednesday night to go to Edinburgh on the following Saturday was another spontaneous adventure. The city welcomed me with sunshine and the sound of bagpipes in the historic city centre. The difference in the English accent was sometimes very hard for me, especially when I visited the Highlands and Loch Ness during a day trip. I did not spot Nessie unfortunately, but took pictures in a snow storm in the middle of the Scottish hills.



Even though time flies, there is still a little time left to see a couple of other parts of Great Britain. There are still some ideas for spontaneous weekend trips …

Daniela Nowak

Marketing and Communications Specialist