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Commissioning Engineer Controls

In-house software preparation and on-site commissioning of electro-mechanical equipment of automated material handling and storage systems at our the customers sites with regard to the requirements concerning schedule, budgets, performance, availability, quality and function applicable to the respective order.


  • Maximising the profit made on the order through a professional and economical implementation of the customer's requirements
  • To ensure all safety aspects of the project


  • Compliance with process instructions and internal policies (travel policy, site report/journal, order and cleanliness, ...)
  • Thorough commissioning preparation (documents, tools, spec sheets, software, requirements specification, services, visualization, ...)
  • Compliance with general and operator-specific safety procedures
  • Support of the on-site manager / collaboration in on-site team
  • Safety at the construction site, initial evaluation, re-evaluation at the construction site, occupational health and safety instructions for assigned internal staff, monitoring and documentation of topics relevant for construction site safety, handover of documentation to project manager according to schedule
  • Interruption of commissioning work in case of imminent danger
  • Qualified and self-dependent commissioning of the assigned machinery
  • Interface test of superordinate MFS interface
  • Handover of a system tested and checked for correct functioning and availability
  • Training of the customer's specialists and documents needed for this purpose
  • Feedback to Software Engineering department
  • Identification of errors and improvement potentials (CIP) - own/of third parties
  • Correction / modification of order documents in case of changes during commissioning; timely forwarding of modified documents to the author/creator
  • Filing and archiving of final software versions during and after the commissioning
  • Responsibility for a timely processing of open issues
  • Hotline support in technical matters
  • Specific troubleshooting and repair visits
  • To provide engineering and technical support 
  • Minor changes at the electronic or mechanical installation.

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