18. July 2016

Thomann selects TGW in support of e-commerce growth

After their debut in 2009, TGW and Musikhaus Thomann continue with a common melody.

Thomann has relied on TGW, as a key partner in support of their business success, dating back to 2009. The latest expansion of the fulfillment operation, headquartered in Burgebrach in Germany, will support Thomann in their e-commerce strategy. Musikhaus Thomann is a family-owned retailer of musical instruments and audio equipment. Thomann is the largest online retailer of its category of merchandise – worldwide.

Understanding the necessity e-commerce growth plays in business is an intimate component of Thomann’s strategy. Together with TGW, construction of a new, comprehensive fulfillment center will integrate the new and existing systems into an Omni-channel process utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Seven million customers play along

Service level experiences are always Thomann’s top priority. Investing $30 million into this Omni-channel production must insure their seven million customers give a standing ovation for the uninterrupted, accurate and fastest deliveries possible. TGW’s crew of engineers and managers will commission all phases to insure the music never stops.

The TGW ensemble of performers

The lead performer is TGW’s STINGRAY shuttle warehouse with six aisles and 110,000 storage locations on 25 levels. Complemented by TGW’s MUSTANG five aisle automated carton warehouse will store guitars, e-pianos and other larger music equipment. Tying everything together, TGW’s KingDrive® conveyor will transport everything with precision technology and efficient use of energy and particular ease of maintenance. Setting the beat, TGW’s twelve Pick and Pack stations, where products are sequenced and fed directly from the multiple automated warehouses, choreograph picking into shipping cartons at the highest pick rate possible in the industry. Give it up for the Maestro, TGW’s Software Suite is written, composed and conducts the complete TGW scope of supply.  

The reviews are in

Hans Thomann, owner of Musikhaus Thomann, say’s "We have the best and most loyal customers!" And, TGW is happy as well. Markus Augeneder, Managing Director at TGW Systems Integration, is pleased about the customer's confidence. "We are allowed to support Thomann with our solution on their road to success. In e-commerce business, the music expert is one of the most important model customers. Based on the intensive and good cooperation during the past years, Thomann continue to rely on TGW and thus demonstrate that we are still the right partner".

Coming to your town

TGW’s World Tour of delivering automated fulfillment operations cannot be missed. Companies must automate to remain relevant in the world of merged retail and e-commerce business, where SKU’s are added, space must be optimized, and labor costs must be controlled – you need to see this!


TGW Press information - Joint melodies of Musikhaus Thomann and TGW

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Automated mini-load warehouse with TGW storage and retrieval machines at the existing Thomann installation

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Hans Thomann, owner of Musikhaus Thomann in front of his logistics installation

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