26. January 2017

TGW @ ProMAT 2017

TGW showcases 360-degree logistics solutions, including FlashPick® goods-to-person split case picking and Lifetime Services

New at ProMat 2017: TGW showcases 360-degree logistics solutions, including FlashPick® goods-to-person split case picking and Lifetime Services

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (January 30, 2017) — TGW Systems Inc. will highlight its 360-degree logistics and material handling solutions at ProMat 2017 in Booth S645 at McCormick Place’s South Hall, April 3-6, 2017 in Chicago. Featured within the exhibit is the company’s new FlashPick® goods-to-person smart piece picking system that handles discrete picks of single items, as well as a full line-up of Lifetime Services and support.

Ideal for e-commerce and omni-channel retailers filling direct-to-consumer and business-to-business orders, the TGW FlashPick® system is modular, fast and flexible. For shorter lead times, it automates split case picking. Built on the intelligent TGW Software Suite that incorporates sophisticated algorithms to continuously prioritize orders based on configurable profiles, the FlashPick® system allows for later order cut off times and/or earlier deliveries.

The system can be configured to interleave orders from different distribution channels while supporting the variable and frequently changing inventory assortments in industries such as food, apparel and general merchandise.

“Finding and keeping qualified labor is an ongoing—and increasing—concern for most operations within the U.S.,” says Andy Lockhart, TGW Systems’ Vice President Sales, Integrated Systems. “We look forward to showing ProMat 2017 attendees how FlashPick® addresses their labor issues by increasing operator productivity by as much as five times over manual split case picking. Further, moving to automated solutions like FlashPick® reduces required labor to a fraction of conventional alternatives for an exceptional return on investment.”
The system delivers individual items—sequenced to match orders—directly to workers in a goods-to-person arrangement. It incorporates modular TGW components that can be configured horizontally or vertically to accommodate an existing building layout. Key smart modules include:

  • High-performance PickCenter goods-to-person workstations, engineered to optimize operator ergonomics and support faster order packing throughput.
  • Energy-efficient and extendable KingDrive® carton and tote conveyors with modular drive rollers for high-speed transport of goods up to 110 pounds (50 kilograms).
  • High-density storage of fast-moving, single pick items accessed by Stingray Shuttles operating on multiple levels at heights up to 82 feet (25 meters).

Also showcased at ProMat 2017 are TGW’s turnkey intralogistics services and solutions, designed to support users of the company’s automation across a broad range of industries, including e-commerce, omni-channel, general merchandise, grocery, apparel, manufacturing, distribution and more. Worldwide, the company provides planning, design, installation and commissioning of mechanical equipment, controls, robotics and software, then backs them up with comprehensive lifetime services and support.

“One of our newest service features includes on-site engineers equipped with augmented reality tools, including smart glasses, that enable them to connect remotely with service engineers,” notes Lockhart. With this technology, TGW can evaluate a live operation to make adjustments that improve handling processes for better throughput, and more quickly troubleshoot issues to minimize downtime.

“Companies that utilize TGW as a one-stop solution benefit from low operating costs, ultimately resulting in savings of up to 50% of the total cost of ownership,” he concludes.

For more information, visit TGW at ProMat 2017 in Booth S645 at McCormick Place’s South Hall, or contact Lynn Metzger, Business Development Manager of TGW Systems Inc. at lynn.metzger@tgw-group.com or 231.798.4547.

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