Successful collaboration between Zalando and TGW.

25. February 2020

Successful collaboration between Zalando and TGW

  • After just 45 months, and right on time, TGW handed over the third system in a row to the leading European online platform for fashion in Lodz
  • Three 130,000 m² facilities with highly automated warehouse and logistics space: That's the equivalent of around 54 football fields
  • Reliable and high-performance TGW solution for e-commerce

modern Fulfilllment Center in LODZ

(Marchtrenk, 25th February 2020) Zalando opened a state-of-the-art fulfillment center in Lodz, Poland, on February 20, 2020. Austria-based systems integrator TGW has already equipped the third greenfield facility in a row with highly automated conveying and sorting technology. In another project for Europe´s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle in Northern Italy, acceptance is planned for mid-2020. 


“TGW's intralogistics expertise in the fashion sector and our high-performance, future-oriented e-commerce solutions have won Zalando over," emphasizes Johann Steinkellner, CEO Central Europe at TGW. "We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to expand the existing partnership by handing over of the fulfillment center in Lodz.”

High-performance KingDrive® conveyor system  

At the distribution center in Lodz, Zalando fulfils e-commerce orders. The logistics processes are supported by 13 kilometers of energy-efficient and low-maintenance KingDrive® conveyor systems and the high-performance shuttle system. Furthermore, four large item sorters (each 80 meters long with 160 destinations) and a 240-meter long outbound sorter with 66 destinations are available. The TGW Commander control system monitors all processes and visualizes the current state of the system.

TGW also supports fulfillment centers during live operation 

Zalando relies on the know-how of TGW Lifetime Services experts for all systems implemented by TGW – and the systems in this fulfillment center are no exception. The service package includes such features as the availability of on-site specialists who support the Zalando team with preventive maintenance and spare part management. “In addition to the initial investment, a review of the total cost of operation played a central role in making the decision,” underscores Rudolf Pulkenat, Lead Warehouse Facilities Engineering at Zalando. 

Zalando relies on the TGW Shuttle System.
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