NewCold Burley
A cool and energy-efficient

Energy-efficient unit load conveyors for frozen potato products

The goal:
at -13 °F

In fall 2019, NewCold, a global leader in  temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution, built one of the largest freezer warehouses in the U.S. in Burley, Idaho. The facility's user is McCain Foods, a well-known and family-owned frozen potato products company.

As NewCold was planning the distribution center, they knew they wanted an automated system. As Peter Verharen, Vice President Project Management at NewCold explains, "Automation is one of the keys to meeting our customers' needs. They are in the process of reorganizing their supply chains in order to achieve the greatest efficiency and the lowest costs possible. Automation is the only way to achieve the throughput that the market demands." Because of NewCold's familiarity with TGW's portfolio and previous joint projects, they chose to rely on the TGW Distributor Business Unit as their partner for high-performance conveyor technology.

As a result, McCain Foods now operates the largest fully automated system for freezer goods in the United States, with 14 levels and an area of 156,000 square feet. This allows for nearly 90,000 pallet storage locations.

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Alexander Rohrer, Project Manager at TGW Mechanics GmbH

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Alexander Rohrer, Project Manager
TGW Mechanics GmbH
"we were able to
commission this
automated freezer warehouse
because we could
count on the long-lasting
shared experience of
all experts involved."
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  • UNIT LOAD CONVEYOR SOLUTION High-quality unit load conveyor solution especially designed for the US market  

  • SLIP SHEETS Space saving and efficient handling by use of slip sheets  

  • FREEZER APPLICATION Highly efficient, automated unit load conveyor system for freezer application  

  • RELIABLE IMPLEMENTATION Fast and reliable implementation despite tight schedule  

The company headquartered in the Netherlands focuses on target markets in the US, Europe, and Oceania. NewCold is a leader in the development and operation of energy-efficient systems for deep-freeze warehousing and distribution.

NewCold is very successful because of its uniqueness in the freezer applications industry and because they attach great importance to trustworthy partnerships. NewCold and the TGW Distributor Business Unit have been partners since 2013.


The goods are delivered to the freezer warehouse and unloaded in two different ways: either by system pallets or via slip sheets, which are then transported by forklift to the inbound area and moved to system pallets.  

After that, a check station will automatically perform weight and contour checks so that the pallet can be sent to the high-bay warehouse via a transfer device.  

A pallet exchange device handles the order-specific retrieval of goods, whether they be needed on system pallets, customer pallets, or slip sheets. Forty separate lanes act as a buffer in the outbound area before the pallets are loaded onto trucks and trains.  


This efficient pallet handling system was specifically customized for the U.S. market and greatly contributes to the overall high quality of the Burley distribution center’s warehouse automation.  

  • Storage space:  156,000 square feet
  • Storage locations: 89,488
  • Number of SKUs: about 1,000
  • Throughput capacity: 7 SRMs, which means 7 x 27 = 189 pallets/hour can be stored and retrieved at the same time


From planning to realization and Lifetime Services, systems integrators worldwide rely on the expertise of the TGW Distributor Business Unit. We are viewed as a trusty business partner of high-quality solutions within our spectrum of services. 

Are you interested? Then we should get to know each other! 

Adnan Bosnjak

Key Account Manager
TGW Mechanics GmbH

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