CAP.tains are on high demand

CAP. Top Talents Programme

Our children have an infinite number of talents and skills that have to be discovered and developed to ensure the well-being of our society also in the future. Sophisticated educational offers can set free fantasy, creativity and innovation in the children. Capabilities with which the future will be shaped.

CAP. stands for "capability" and was founded in 2010 on the initiative of the Future Wings Private Foundation and by parents.

The idea behind CAP.

  • In our technologically orientated world, basic technical knowledge is part of general education
  • Our economy has a constantly growing need for people who think in an interdisciplinary way and who are able to manage complexity
  • Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary issue of technology (mechanics, electrical engineering, computer sciences) and therefore the ideal complement to general secondary school education
  • A basic technical education widens the personal horizon and is always useful, regardless of the profession you choose

CAP. - What is that?

"A Levels combined with apprenticeship"

  • General secondary school education with comprehensive foreign language competencies
  • Top quality, generalist-technical training in accordance with the curriculum for mechatronics engineering apprenticeship
  • Operational practice

The 3 pillars of CAP.

  • Development of practical technical skills:
    - Mechatronics engineering apprenticeship (4 years alongside the secondary school classes) with training partner WIFI
  • Development of management skills:
    - Self-management and personal working methods
    - Lateral thinking/creative problem solving
    - Basics of business administration
  • Acquiring operational knowledge:
    - Practical experience in companies through national and international traineeships

CAP. education prepares young, motivated people for their future studies and/or the challenges in economic life of a technically orientated world.

For more information please visit the CAP.-Website.