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Parcel lockers with cold storage | Smartmile GmbH, Finland

A partnership between the online delivery platform Smartmile, logistics company Konecranes and retail chain K Group – all from Finland – offers customers cold storage lockers where they can pick up their groceries.

Similarly to parcel lockers, customers can order their food online and the supermarket staff store the items in the machine. The lockers combine room and cold temperature storage, so that frozen goods can also be stored. The customers can collect their shopping from the machines whenever they want.

Customers inspire groceries delivery service | Instacart Inc., USA

The US groceries delivery service Instacart has set up a virtual meeting place for its customers. "Shop Talk” is an attempt by the company to find out more about their wishes and needs. 

The community hub allows users to make suggestions for improvement for the shopper app. Instacart regularly assesses these and implements them as applicable. Members can also chat to each other directly and create groups around specific topics. The "Bravocado” feature personally introduces individual customers to the community and honours dedicated members with awards.

Online shop in e-mail app | Walmart Inc.

Walmart has partnered with Verizon Media to enable users of the Yahoo Mail app to place orders directly from their e-mail inboxes. People no longer need to use Walmart's online shop or app to buy the products. The "Walmart for Groceries” feature lets shoppers look for products in their e-mail program, compile a shopping list, and order the goods. They also get to choose whether the items should be delivered home or if they prefer to collect them from the store. What's more, the use of the user data will see customers receiving personalized product recommendations.

Automatic food delivery service | Jupiter Inc., USA

The start-up Jupiter wants to make home deliveries more convenient and has launched a service for the automated reordering of groceries. Using an app, people first choose from a catalogue featuring all the key products, including mass-produced items, ready-made meals, and snacks, while households are generally served by the same person every week. Based on previous orders, an integrated autopilot regularly compiles curated shopping carts as a suggestion and learns a family’s preferences over time.

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