Skechers new intralogistic system with TGW.
26. June 2023

Skechers relies on TGW once more

  • By the summer of 2025, Skechers will have a new high-performance automated warehouse system in the Chinese city of Taicang
  • Automation is fundamental to efficiently handling online orders
  • KingDrive® conveyor system provides energy-efficient interconnection of different areas

(Marchtrenk, 12 June 2023) About 30 miles north of the Chinese economic metropolis of Shanghai, TGW is implementing a high-performance ecommerce system for Skechers, a leading manufacturer of shoes. Go-live of the highly automated system is scheduled for the summer of 2025.

Skechers is one of the world's largest producers of shoes, with a focus on high-performance lifestyle and athletic footwear. Founded in California in 1992, the company generated a revenue of $7.4 billion U.S. dollars in the business year 2022. Strong indicators point to growth in the Chinese market, which is why the company is investing in its warehouse automation there, with the purpose of dispatching online orders even faster in the future.

Automation as the basis for shorter lead times

TGW already constructed an automated shuttle warehouse for Skechers in Taicang that went live in 2020 and ships orders to B2B customers. More than 140 shuttles flit through the eight aisles at lightning speed and handle storage and retrieval. To efficiently serve the growing B2C business, especially online, and to reduce lead times, Skechers is once again relying on TGW's warehouse automation competence.

The core element of the solution is an 8-mile-long network of energy-efficient KingDrive® conveyors that not only connects all areas of the system to each other, but also ensures connection to the existing fulfillment center. In addition, TGW will integrate their powerful Natrix sorter system, as well as 14 picking workstations.

Close collaborative partnership

"Trust in our expertise and experience was a key factor in why Skechers once again opted for TGW," emphasises Jun Mei, Chief Executive Officer of TGW China. "We are delighted that we will continue to accompany the customer in the future as a partner on the journey towards automation. The project in Taicang makes it clear that TGW is Skechers' partner of choice."

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Skechers relies on TGW once more
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