TGW's new opening in South Korea.
27. July 2022

TGW opens location in South Korea

  • Focus turned towards Asian growth market with unit in Seoul
  • TGW is working closely together with one of the country's leading systems integrators
  • Highly automated solutions for the fashion, grocery, industrial and consumer goods industries

(Marchtrenk, July 27, 2022) Austrian warehouse automation specialist TGW recently opened a location in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Its primary purpose will be supplying high-quality mechatronic subsystems to local systems integrators for the fashion, grocery, and industrial and consumer goods industries. To this end, a strong partnership has been formed with LG CNS, the automation division of the technology company LG.

"South Korea, home to many leading international technology companies, is one of the world's most industrialized countries, with a great affinity for automation in nearly all areas of life. Particularly in TGW's core industries of fashion, grocery and industrial and consumer goods, automation plays a central role," emphasizes Harald Schröpf, CEO of TGW Logistics Group. "The increasingly difficult search for employees, high labor costs, and rising real estate prices are leading South Korean companies to invest more in automating their processes."

Strategic partnership with LG CNS

TGW is already active in Asia with two locations in China (Shanghai and Changzhou), as well as a unit in Singapore. By founding a separate unit in Seoul, the company is specifically addressing and strategically focusing on the South Korean growth market.  

As a first step into the market, TGW has formed a cooperative agreement with LG CNS, the automation division of LG. TGW will supply mechatronic subsystems with LG CNS acting as a systems integrator.

"LG CNS and TGW have been collaborating on multiple projects so far. TGW is a global leader in intralogistics solutions and logistics automation field, especially well known as the world-class multi-shuttle, conveyor and robot maker, and we are excited to see their presence in Korea to provide immediate response to Korean market needs. LG CNS’s IT expertise and rich experience in fulfillment center implementation, combining with TGW’s strong commitment to quality, we are expecting to bring more depth and detail to next generation fulfillment centers in Korean market”, emphasizes Mr. Lee, Executive Board LG-CNS.

First successful projects

"TGW is supplying high-performance shuttle and miniload systems to LG CNS, as well as energy-efficient KingDrive® conveyor equipment from our production in Changzhou and Austria," underscores Frank Imkamp, CEO of TGW South Korea. "We were already able to conclude the first projects to our customers' satisfaction. By founding a separate unit in Korea, we will bolster the partnership with LG CNS, bringing it to the next level together."

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TGW opens location in South Korea
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Chief Executive Officer TGW Logistics Group
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