Thermoplan setzt erneut auf Intralogistik-Partner TGW.

15. March 2022

Thermoplan relies on TGW once more

  • The Swiss coffee machine manufacturer is expanding its highly-automated Weggis hub 
  • Thermoplan and TGW maintain a close collaborative partnership
  • Installation of efficient picking workstations
  • Preparation for the production workstations to be supplied by autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)

(Marchtrenk, 15 March 2022) For the expansion of their fulfillment center in Weggis, the Swiss coffee machine specialist is once again counting on the experience and skill of its warehouse automation partner of choice, TGW. Alongside software, controls, and mechatronics, key aspects of the solution are picking workstations and preparation for the future deployment of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The new system is scheduled to go live in the summer of 2024.

The family-run company, Thermoplan, was founded in 1974 and is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of high-quality coffee machines. At the company's headquarters on the banks of Lake Lucerne, over 400 employees produce bean-to-cup coffee machines for restaurants, hotels, coffeehouses, bakeries and more. Their international customers include Nespresso and Starbucks.

High level of service, innovative technologies

Due to the company’s continuous growth and the high demand for its products, Thermoplan is investing in its fifth plant in Weggis The building, which was digitally planned and achieved LEED (Leadership Energy and Environmental Design) certification, will house production and logistics areas, as well as offices and the means for future development. This ensures that the coffee machine specialist can continue to raise its level of service for international customers and guarantee quick and reliable delivery.

Thermoplans nach LEED (Leadership Energy and Environmental Design) zertifizierte Gebäude umfasst Produktions- und Logistikflächen.

Next step in collaboration

Thermoplan has been a close, collaborative customer of TGW since 2019. In 2020, Thermoplan commissioned TGW to provide a four-aisle shuttle warehouse for the Weggis plant with more than 40,000 storage locations for both coffee machine components and replacement parts.

The current expansion encompasses ergonomic and efficient picking workstations and will fully integrate Plant 5 into the existing infrastructure. This integration will involve an expansion of the KingDrive® conveyor system network and a unificiation of controls and software.

Thermoplan setzt auf ein vier-gassiges Shuttle-Lager mit KingDrive® Fördertechnik.

"Gates" are already being equipped with docking stations to facilitate the next step: automatic supply of the assembly workstations by TGW autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

"We are delighted to accompany Thermoplan's growth and to be their partner of choice once again," stresses Thomas Kretz, Managing Director TGW Switzerland.

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