As a global systems integrator of turnkey logistics solutions, we are always seeking talented, ambitious people who are searching for a job with excellent career prospects and the opportunity for further development. Our logistics solutions are very complex and innovative—which means, we have many departments and experts working together.

We combine experts in fields such as: product development, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, systems design, project management, electrical controls and computer software to create the perfect logistics solution.

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United States

Job title Job location
Electrical Controls Engineer Atlanta, Georgia
Electrical Controls Engineer Grand Rapids, Michigan
Systems Engineering Co-Op Grand Rapids, Michigan
Controls Project Manager Grand Rapids, Michigan
Software Engineer II Grand Rapids, Michigan
Technical Support Engineer Software Grand Rapids, Michigan
LTS Resident Maintenance Technician Cherokee, South Carolina
LTS Resident Maintenance Engineer Atlanta, Georgia
Project & Cost Controller Grand Rapids, Michigan
Production Manager Spring Lake, Michigan


Job title Job location
Vertriebsinnendienst für Anlagenplanung und Projektierung (m/w) Wels, Oberösterreich
Assistant to Management Board Marchtrenk, Austria
IT and Logistics Consultant (m/f) Marchtrenk, Austria
Health & Safety Manager (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
SAP (E)WM Specialist (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Logistics Consultant (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Junior Project Manager (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
HTL Graduate for Project Realisation (f/m) Wels, Upper Austria
Engineer in the project realisation Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Layout Designer for System Layouts (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Konstrukteur/in Wels, Oberösterreich
Projektingenieur/in Lagertechnik Marchtrenk, Oberösterreich
Praktikum – Technische Stammdatenverwaltung (30-38,5 h) Wels, Oberösterreich
Project Manager (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Software Engineer (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Assistant Project Realisation Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Employee for technical documentation (f/m) Wels, Upper Austria
Mitarbeiter/in im Qualitätsmanagement Wels, Oberösterreich
Entwickler/in für Anlagenlösungen mit Führungspotential Wels, Oberösterreich
Bachelor-/Master-/Diplomarbeit im Innovations- und Produkt-Management(m/w) Marchtrenk, Oberösterreich
Structural Engineer Steelwork (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Entwickler/in kognitive Systeme Wels, Oberösterreich
Product Developer (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Hardware Developer Controls (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Praktikum für Studenten/innen! Bachelorarbeit: Schwingungsamplitudenmodell für Regalbediengerät Wels, Oberösterreich
Project Manager of Electronic-Development (f/m) Wels, Upper Austria
Developer Embedded Systems (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Praktikum für Studenten/innen! Master-/Diplomarbeit: Schlupfkompensation in der Fördertechnik (m/w) Wels, Oberösterreich
Netzwerkspezialist/in in der Steuerungs- und Automatisierungstechnik Wels, Oberösterreich
C# Software - Toolentwickler/in Wels, Oberösterreich
Software Developer C#, .Net for Digital Twin/Simulation (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
IT Consultant für interne Applikationsbetreuung (m/w) Marchtrenk, Oberösterreich
Software Trainer (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
SAP Inhouse Consultant mit Projektverantwortung (m/w) Marchtrenk, Oberösterreich
IT Support Spezialist/in für interne Applikationslandschaft Marchtrenk, Oberösterreich
Full-Stack-Entwickler/in Marchtrenk, Oberösterreich
Montageleiter/in / Supervisor Wels, Oberösterreich
Software Engineer (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Experienced PLC Commissioning Engineer (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Onsite Manager (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
HTL Graduate as future PLC Commissioning Engineer (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Field Service Engineer - Focus on mechatronics Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Sales Support Employee (m/f) Marchtrenk, Austria
IT Support Technician (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Field Service Engineer Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Assisting Head of Facility Management (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Operative/r Einkäufer/in Wels, Oberösterreich
Payroll Specialist (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria
Zollverantwortliche(r) Wels, Oberösterreich
Bautechnische/r Zeichner/in Wels, Oberösterreich
Mitarbeiter/in in der Standardisierung Wels, Oberösterreich
Project Controller Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Group Accounting and consolidation expert (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Strategische/r Einkäufer/in Wels, Oberösterreich
SAP Key User with Focus on FI/CO Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
CNC-Abkanter/in Marchtrenk, Oberösterreich
Schichtleiter/in für internes Lager Wels, Oberösterreich
Assembly Commissioning Engineer (m/f) Marchtrenk, Upper Austria
Supply Chain Manager for China (m/f) Wels, Upper Austria & & Changzhou, China
Mitarbeiter/in in der Qualitätssicherung für hauseigene Fertigung Marchtrenk, Oberösterreich


Job title Job location
Sales Project Manager Shanghai
Commissioning Engineer Shanghai
IT Engineer-Software Shanghai


Job title Job location
Application Engineer (m/f) Langen, Germany
Systems Designer (m/f) Langen, Germany
Java Developer (m/f/d) Teunz, Deutschland
Process Engineer (m/f/d) Software Teunz, Germany
Software Test Engineer (m/f/d) / Software Tester (m/f/d) Teunz, Deutschland
Project Manager (m/f/d) Software Teunz, Germany
C# Developer (m/f/d) Teunz / Regensburg, Deutschland
SPS-Programmierer / Inbetriebnehmer (m/w) Stephanskirchen, Germany
Software Commissioning Engineer (m/f/d) Teunz, Deutschland
PLC Commissioning Engineer (m/f/d) Teunz, Germany
Onsite Software Technician (m/f/d) Intralogistics systems Europe wide
Maintenance Technician (m/f) Mönchengladbach area, Germany
Field Service Engineer Germany-wide
PLC Developer LTS (m/f/d) Teunz, Deutschland
Onsite Service Technician (m/f) Schlüchtern, Germany
Maintenance Technician (m/f) Neckarsulm, Germany
Onsite Manager Schlüchtern, Deutschland


Job title Job location
PLC Industrial Automation Technician (H/F) Créteil – Préfecture, France
PLC Industrial Automation Team Leader (H/F) Creteil – Prefecture, France
System Integration Manager (H/F) Créteil – Préfecture, France
IT Engineer m/f Blagnac, France
IT Commissioning Engineer m/f Creteil – Prefecture, France
IT Project Manager WMS m/f Blagnac, France
Technicien de maintenance sur site h/f Moissy-Cramayel, France
Technicien de maintenance SAV électrotechnique en itinérance France h/f Creteil – Prefecture, France
IT Customer Support Technician (m/f) Rouvignies, France
Controls (PLC) Customer Support Technician (m/f) Rouvignies, France
Team Leader Maintenance Onsite (m/f) Rouvignies, France


Job title Job location
Application Engineer - Layout Designer Spilamberto (Modena)
Commissioning Engineer Controls Spilamberto (Modena)
PLC Commissioning Engineer Spilamberto (Modena)
IT Commissioning Engineer Spilamberto (Modena)
LTS Field Engineer Spilamberto (Modena)
IT Support Specialist Spilamberto (Modena)


Job title Job location
Application Engineer (m/f) Poznań, Poland
Systems Designer (m/f) Poznań, Poland
Overall Project Manager for New Installations (m/f) Poznan, Polen
Onsite Service Technician (m/f) Polkowice, Poland


Job title Job location
Software Development Engineer .NET Sant Just Desvern, Spain
Contable Fiscalista Senior Sant Just Desvern, Spain
SQL Support Technician Sant Just Desvern, Spain

United Kingdom

Job title Job location
Service Engineer Market Harborough, United Kingdom
Contracts and Purchasing Manager Market Harborough, United Kingdom
Controls Commissioning Engineer Market Harborough, United Kingdom
Maintenance Technician Didcot, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Maintenance Technician Bulwell, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Maintenance Engineer - Nights Marsh Leys Business Park, Bedford, United Kingdom


Job title Job location
Applications Engineer - Upgrades and Enhancements Oud Gastel , Netherlands


Job title Job location
Controls Commissioning Engineer Jonavos g. 60, Kaunas 44192, Lithuania, Lithuania